How We Research & Compile Each Power 100

How We Research
The British Publishing Company is the originator and organiser of each Power 100 list but not the compiler. The ethos of
Power 100 is both transparent and self-levelling.

We use a combination of online sources and manual research to track companies and individuals thereby creating profiles and timelines.
Our collective intelligence network includes Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing (BvDEP), FAME, Experian MarketIQ,
Companies House, SimilarWeb and Beauhurst.

We have teams of researchers, analysts and information specialists who – together with a unique network of experts in the field,
enable us to continuously deliver high-quality data and information for each Power 100 list.

Researched lists and nominations are collated, verified and then undergo peer group verification, thereby ensuring a highly
accurate source of information. The list is then reviewed by an esteemed panel of Judges prior to
the final Power 100 names being announced.