As a Platinum Sponsor this package will ensure you get the most branding and exposure from the Power 100 initative. With an opportunity to lead a number of bespoke marketing campaigns. The Platinum marketing package is exclusive and limited to just one company. Branding will feature prominently on all marketing material, before, during and after the launch of the Power 100 list. Sponsors also have the opportunity to host the Power 100 individuals shortlisted within the Power 100 publication at a private dinner

Company name in title:

Your company name will be incorporated into the Power 100 title ie. The Your Co Political Power 100

Sponsors logo across full initative

  • Your logo will be incorporated onto all marketing materials.
  • Your logo will be included in all promotional email campaigns
  • Your logo will be on the Power 100 website home page
  • Your banner advert will be on home page of website
  • Dedicated sponsors page allowing you to publish your news on our website
  • Sponsors nominated Judge on Judging panel

Logo across all social and email media

  • Sponsors name mentioned in social media campaigns
  • Sponsors logo incorporated into Social media campaigns
  • Bespoke Social media campaigns for each category

Correspondence with nominees &
Power 100 names

  • Sponsors logo on all correspondence to all nominations.
  • Sponsors logo on all correspondence to all shortlisted finalists
  • Sponsors logo on all correspondence with final Power 100 names
  • Sponsors letterheaded correspondence sent to all finalists.
  • Sponsors opportunity to meet a number of finalists face to face prior to Power100 list launch

Power 100 publication

  • Sponsors foreword on inside cover of book
  • Sponsors logo on front cover of book in silver foil
  • Sponsors logo inside book on each editorial page
  • Sponsors full page advert on inside back cover

Post launch Power 100 activity

  • Sponsors letter sent out with publication to all finalists
  • Sponsor may also choose to deliver each book in person to establish contact & build relationship
  • Option for sponsor to host dinner for a number of Power 100 finalists on list.
  • Sponsors video message on home page of website
  • Sponsors logo on Power 100 certificate sent to all Power 100 finalists


Sponsors can choose to have a gala dinner for up to 1000 people to launch the Power 100 publication and honor the Power 100 men & women. The Power 100 team will organise the full event at sponsors cost.

The event will be fully branded in Sponsors branding and sponsor will undertake opening speech. The Power 100 team will work with the sponsors to invite and manage the Power 100 names and guest list.