Power 100 provides many access points for sponsors and advertisers to connect with its highly influential and powerful audience. It is the only brand of its kind within the UK which is able to fast track relationships with some of the most influential and highest achieving men & women within some of the best performing companies and organisations.

The Power 100 business development model is a proven success placing sponsors directly in front of their target markets enabling them to establish relationships with these individuals and organisations outside of the usual methods thereby generating a substantial return on investment from one sponsorship alone. It is very rare for individuals who are selected to be within a power 100 list to not want to proceed with their nomination. If fact many not only seek inclusion but also promote their nomination through their companies, social media and on their CV’s as a proud acknowledgement of their achievements in being recognised as the top 100 within their sector.

The Power 100 team is very well networked and connected on various spheres of influence and has special access to leading figures within the public and private sector. The Senior team are privileged to information from the most informed sources and are adept at developing relationships at the highest levels.